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  • Crystal Suites Old Town
  • Crystal Suites chez Helena

In Crystal Suites Old Town we cooperate with Cracow Breakfast, who specializes in delivery of packed breakfasts sets straight to your apartment door. Breakfast for next day can be ordered at reception until 6:00 PM. Please let us know your preferred delivery time.

More detalis:

Delivery: 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Price: 40 PLN per person
Options: You can choose between four sets


bread, butter, ham, cheese, pate, vegetables, fruit


bread, white bean vegan lard, green lentil and millet pate, marinated tofu, vegetables


croissant, jam, honey, yoghurt, granola, fruits


bread, butter, smoked salmon, radish quark, egg salad with chives, vegetables

In Crystal Suites chez Helena breakfast is provided by Rubinstein restaurant and will be served to go (continental or vege menu) or directly to the table (continental, vege, English, sweet menu) until further notice. Please let us know at reception which type of menu you’d like to order and at what time you’d like to pick it up or eat in the restaurant.

Menu to go:
Continental: yoghurt with muesli, fruit juice, coffee, fruit, 2x croissant + pastry, 2x freshly baked bun with ham, lettuce, cucumber, 3x sausage, tomatoes, mustard, ketchup
Vege: yoghurt with Muesli, fruit juice, fruit, 2x croissant + pastry, 2x freshly baked bun with cheese, lettuce and cucumber

Menu served to the table:
Continental: scambled eggs or omelette, butter, bread, cottage cheese, tomato with chives, selection of hams and cheeses, pastry, coffee, orange juice
Vege: gluten-free omelette with vegetables, gluten-free bread, fruits, coffee, orange juice
English: fried eggs, bacon, sausages, toast with butter, beans, fried tomato, coffee, orange juice, croissant
Sweet: crepes with sweet cheese or fruits, coffee, orange juice

Available: 7:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Price: 45 PLN per person